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If a holistic approach with a larger team is not your bag, consulting might be the right pathway for you.

With 10 years of experience spanning music management, festival bookings, international music export, and more, we offer guidance for a comprehensive musical journey.

Our expertise touches every corner of the industry from publicity and publishing to digital advertising and creative direction. We understand how each unique facet intricately interplays to shape an artist's bigger picture.

At HFG it's about more than just segments of an industry; it's about a seamless, interconnected vision for success. We’ll help guide you.

Consulting Services are ideal for...

      • Artists seeking guidance and brainstorming support
      • Teams requiring expert problem-solving
      • INTL artists & companies needing help in the Aus market
      • Artists and professionals looking for industry connections.
      • Artists looking to build their own publicity campaigns, seeking tools, contacts and plans.