Here For Good is a creative agency based in melbourne.  We provide label services for artists, managers and brands. We encourage and empower artists to create and reach people without compromise or limits. For us, the artist’s vision is the essence of what we want to support.

We are here
for the artist’s vision.

We are detirmined to hand over creative freedom to our artists, to fully back their ideas. With our expertise in the industry we put together holistic campaigns that are tailored to each artists needs. It’s our goal to empower artists by helping them achieve their goals while they keep their freedom, control and creative ownership.

We do everything a record label does,
without being a record label.

What does that mean? It means we offer a holistic package that can be broken into five services; Strategy, Audio, Visual Identity, Social Media and Exposure. Each component affects the other and a great campaign is achieved when all parts are equally and thoroughly considered.


Audio Production
Visual Identity
Social Media


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