- A and R Consulting
        - Project Management and Goal Setting
        - Narrative Building
        - Hiring and Managing Third Party Services
        - DSP Strategy and Delivery

We work closely with our artists to come up with clear, defined plans. This phase of the project is where we engage with our artists and to discover who they are and what they want to achieve. This is all about uncovering what the artist's vision for the project is and putting a strategy in place that will aim to achieve it. This is the most important step in any campaign.

Audio Production

        - Writing
        - Production
        - Mixing
        - Mastering

The next phase in a project is about getting the audio to it’s desired level. We have three brilliant engineers, Lucian, Antonia and Simon who can help bring an artist’s sound to life. They can be as involved as necessary - whether that’s for a fully produced album or putting out DIY demos.


        - Creative Direction
        - Visual Identity
        - Cover Artwork, Web design, Merch Design
        - Video; Direction, Production

Our team of visual creatives can help create the visual world of artists. We take cues from the artists story and create a unique identities that are consistent and impactful for fans across social media and web, to print, merch and vinyl packaging.

Social Media

        - Best Practises
        - Content Creation
        - Community Management and Fan Building
        - Newsletter Strategy and Delivery

With an artists sound and visual identity dialled in, we can start to really build an audience. We are able to put together content as well as deliver social media plans and guidelines. These will be designed to make use of the platform's best practices and algorithms but more importantly will be unique to the artists themselves, specific to how they’d like to speak to their audience.


        - Online Media Pitching
        - Radio Pitching
        - Print Press Pitching
        - Pitching
        - Third Party UGC Content Pitching
        - Forums & Fan Groups
        - Influencer & Content Creator Pitching        

        - Sponsorships
        - Advertising Synchronisations (TV, Film, Online)
        - Branded Content Collaboration

        - Social Media Advertising
        - Physical Postering
        - Radio Carts        
        - Streaming Advertising        
        - Live Events        
        - Brand Collaborations

Exposure is where our team excels. With a solid strategic foundation, we are able to use Sync, Marketing and Exposure to grow fanbases. We do this by using traditional PR methods, but it’s our creative marketing ideas that set us apart and allow us to create compelling stories around our artists. These are the fun, genuine ideas that make a campaign, whether it be a launch event or a unique merch collaboration.